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Why Edgible?

Host Anywhere

Can I really host applications on my home laptop?  Yes you can.  With Edgible you can  host at home, the office or on the Cloud.  With a simple download and double-click you can transform an old desktop into a powerful Internet server.  Our selfhosting management platform makes it easy to deploy or migrate applications anywhere.

Any Application

Looking to cut down on monthly SaaS expenses?  Rapidly launch any application from our ever expanding Catalog of recipes.  Swap out a commercial SaaS product for an opensource alternative or pick your own custom application.  If Docker can do it, so can we.

Always Available

Self hosting on at home but still want high availability? No problem,  Edgible can replicate your site to another location such as a Cloud host for an active/passive failover solution. Close the laptop lid and Edgible will automatically switch across to the passive standby.

Host your own way

Edgible offers a fresh new look to self hosting.  Our self hosting as a service approach makes it safe and simple again to self host applications anywhere.  Home laptops, office servers or the Cloud are all first class hosting options on the platform.  Edgible empowers you to choose the hosting model that makes sense today while providing a migration pathway for tomorrow.  If you are worried about spiralling Cloud costs or the vulnerability of your off-site data, Edgible makes home hosting a low cost and secure alternative.  With Edgible, you can innovate locally then deploy to the Cloud as you scale.

Effortless Security

Tired of struggling with security for your hosted app? Edgible’s security services automatically set up SSL with fully encrypted traffic everywhere. Our firewalls protect against denial-of-service attacks and manage white and blacklists to prevent access from hostile locations.   Let’s say your business is “Acme” then users access your site as, e.g. https://www.acme.edgible.com or if you own the domain https://www.acme.com .

Privacy First

Worried about your data? While many cloud tools claim rights to harvest your proprietary data, Edgible prioritizes your privacy. Edgible empowers you to choose where to host your application by making on-site self hosting an accessible option.  Keep your private data local and safe from unauthorised data mining.

Accessible AI

Checked out Cloud GPU prices recently? Edgible offers a compelling machine learning (ML) infrastructure. Utilize your local GPU assets, process sensitive data on-premise and click-on our quick-starts to build your favorite ML frameworks. We empower small businesses everywhere to develop powerful, unique AI modules.

Edgible In Action


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