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Edgible is giving the gift of self hosting to small businesses everywhere.  The power to choose the hosting model for your business applications that make the most sense for you.  Sometimes defaulting to Big Cloud or Big SaaS for all your applications needs may not be the best choice every time.  There are some use cases where self hosting makes more sense.  We used to do this all the time, but somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten how.

Self hosting can lower Cloud costs by repurposing your own hardware rather than renting compute.  You can reduce SaaS spend by replacing commercial products with free opensource alternatives.  It allows you to keep sensitive data close by rather than moving it off-site.  And for some, self hosting is a joy, the satisfaction and agency of solving a problem yourself.

Edgible brings back the choice to self host by making it accessible – simple and safe for anyone.   Its self hosting for those who don’t want to think about tunnelling or VPNs or Personal Clouds.  You can choose to host anywhere – a home laptop, an office server, and yes, even the Cloud.  With Edgible you now have the agency to deploy or migrate any application anywhere.  Run locally as you innovate or migrate to the Cloud as you scale.

Self hosting is newtro! Modernising a retro favourite for today.


Self hosting made simple





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